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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I suspect that I may have taken a blow to the head. Some time in the past week or ten days. Perhaps when we were in Como? Or just after we got back.

We have had rain - quite a lot of it in fact. Yesterday and most of the night before, and the evening before that, it rained. The bottlebrush is set with more than 20 or 30 flowers in waiting - when the sun shines they will blossom into fiery brands. The first few olive trees have begun to bud into flower - the ones near the house are always first. And today I noticed that the plum or coramilo in the front garden is now coming into leaf - tiny buds are opening into showers of leaflets.  OK, so the grasses are overblown, the thistles are coming along strongly and the burr clover had started to crowd out the oxalis - everything has a downside.  But all in all the results are welcomed.

Closer to home - OK actually indoors -  my outputs have all been directing themselves to Tabblo and flickr. The blog lies somewhat neglected. Bulletin boards likewise. And this is why I suspect a blow to the head. Most of my creative output, as you all know too well, goes into words and this momentary aberraation that leans my mind to images is most uncomfortable but you and I shall just have to bear with it. It's just the way it's leaning right now.

If it wasn't a blow to the head maybe it's the effect of spring? We shall see.

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