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Tuesday, May 30, 2006



From: Institute of Consulting Textual & Narrative Engineers.

To: Authors, Plagiarists, Solipsists & General Raconteurs Everywhere.

It has come to our attention that one who calls himself "JR" from the firm "JR Associates" has been passing himself off as a member of our Professional Association and providing 'advice' of a highly dubious nature to all and sundry.

If you have been contacted by this person and advised to cease your creative activities please do not do so until you have received qualified advice from an accredited member of our profession.

Signed: Seamus T. O'Flaherty, FICTNE.

JR Associates - Consulting Textual and Narrative Structural Engineers

Re: The work in progress (known tentatively as I Arrest You)

Dear Sir,

we are so pleased that you have acted upon our Appendix B recommendations. We continue to monitor the structure and so far things are looking very much in line with our projections, Manoeuvring a new node (the so-called index node) between the two secondary texts was, we are aware, no small task but we are pleased to inform you that it seems to be working admirably and brings the added benefit that we can now monitor both branches (secondary texts) from this new node. Balance between the nodes should not be a problem. If your future references use this index node as their pointer then we are confident that the structure will hold. We would recommend that if you can make time then going back and re-pointing previous references to this new node will ensure that only previous readers with cached or local references to the original unsupported cantilevers would be likely to stress the structure unduly and these we believe are a tiny minority of overall narrative traffic.

All that remains outstanding from our Appendix B recommendations is the construction of the parallel trunk text that we spoke of. It is our understanding that whilst this imposes certain time limitations on your project the re-assurance that it offers more than outweighs those limitations and represents good practice. It may be possible to forego this extra strengthening (the physics is unclear and ambiguous) but we would advise once again in favour of the establishment of this parallel trunk text even if you do not intend to bifurcate or cantilever again within the structure.

We shall report back at the end of the next chapter and in the meantime remain,
your obedient engineers

JR Associates

JR (Principal)

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