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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On the birth of our first grandchild

Welcome little Charlie
welcome to our world
your world
you didn't ask to be here
you owe nobody anything
the life you have is yours to live
nobody else's

Do as little harm as you can
damage as few people as you may
love yourself first and
everyone else thereafter
love yourself

There are people here
who will care for you
as best they can
but they cannot live your life for you

You must find your own way
and cut your own furrow
through the field of life
but keep your head and eyes up
there are many beauties to see
- see them all

There are no rehearsals
no playbacks
once it is done it sticks
There is no supernatural
no afterlife
no make it all right later on
get it right as you go
this life is all you have
live it wisely
live it happily

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