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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It snowed tomorrow

It started raining last Wednesday and it has rained every day since. It has also been getting colder every day since. We've had hail and freeing cold rain already. It has snowed in northern Greece already and with the meteorologists forecasting colder weather at the weekend with northerly gale force winds those of us who recall the big snows of 2004 are watching February the 13th roll around with fingers crossed that we do not get a repeat. What a week that was - the one that started on the 13th. See what happened then here.

I thought this piece of text gave a solid idea of how winters are felt here and thought I'd share it with you:

Winter is in full force here, which means it's really, really wet, and, here in the village, cold. Although we have had blessedly welcome spells of sun - with breathtaking views of the completely snow-covered Psiloritis and his rivals to the west - for the most part the weather has been wet. Paint-peeling, mold-inducing, goat-stinking wet. The humidity here is astounding; if we don't air out the place vigorously whenever it's not raining, evil-looking black mold grows on the ceilings, the walls drip, and in general it starts to feel like a medieval castle.

The full blog entry is well worth reading and can be found here:

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