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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Intercept 102

Intercept Two

Boris remains "safe and sound" and his mental state improves daily. Tooting, desite being dingy seems to agree with him - as they say here "It takes all sorts ..."

Glad to see that the fuss over Anna's death has died down. £310,000 probably - not bad huh? And back to Grozny via Georgia? Maybe 2 more months is no problem for our organisation. I'll not ask about his role here.

Red Sonia has become agoraphobic and seldom leaves the flat nowadays - if ever - this is doubtless good for us. Sacha comes and goes but his progress on the report that he is assembling on X is not suffering. He seems to have picked up some key facts this week and may have finished by the end of the month. He is meeting a couple of more FSB turncoats next week that will, if things go as he suspects, finalise things.

Luckily, both of our people seem to have swallowed the story we gave them although I fear that Sacha may be less circumspect than he would have been a year or so ago - capitalism and poverty have encouraged him to let his guard down. I hope he has done his due diligence on these ex-FSB men.



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