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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Looking the beast in the eye

I am constantly griping about the evils of American free market capitalism: its effects both domestic and international. I know about the lack of a safety net. I know it intellectually. Today I came upon it eye to cold, uncaring eye. And it scares me shitless. I have known Ric online for some years now and he is as we say in the UK "sound as a pound". His life has been spinning downward for a while and there seems to be nothing to stop him and his lady from bottoming out. How in the name of humanity can we applaud a system that gives rise to this? How can we fund armies to bestraddle the world and impose this system on anybody else? How can we aspire to such depths.

Read it and weep


  1. It is a very sad story indeed, but one which I have heard the likes of before in my dealings as a social worker here in the UK.

    I don't know much about what financial help is available in the US, but as Ric says that he has avoided 'going on disability'(because he didn't want to feel a burden and to make it by his own efforts),he implies that there is something that he could claim. In which case he must put his pride behind him and go immediately and pursue any claims for benefits/handouts/whatever they call them.

    This is not a criticism of Ric, but an attempt to encourage him to be more proactive regarding the situation he finds himself in. As it is, he sees himself as a failure - but that is misplaced, and he must ignore all such negativity otherwise it will completely immobilise him, mentally and physically, making his plight worse.

    I would tell him this myself, but I do not post on Spymac anymore, but perhaps someone else will. It would also be useful if anyone in that so-called 'community' with knowledge of US disability and or other benefits could provide him with some useful information and/or contacts.

    It's not kind words or sympathy he needs, but positive assistance.

    I hope someone steps forward and provides it.

  2. well, we've not got a lot to spare at the end of each month, but when we do, i try to send ric a bit...i just sold some old digital equipment...and sent the money from it with a bit more along to ric and least it will keep them in pork and beans for a bit...

    i say we don't have a lot, but in fact we have a surfeit of fortune...even with a kid now in university that we're paying for, and socking away all we can for our own retirement and the college costs of the other two...we are among the lucky ones...

    i sent it to him via paypal...if you're interested in sending a couple of quit his way, let me know and i'll give you his address


    i agree liam, ric does have some pride, but he's had a hard life all in all, and a prior injury and the awful consequences in dealing with government and lawyers has made him shy about getting back into that maelstrom

  3. You're one of the good guys, Barry, and I'm both pleased and humbled to know you. However, I am afraid that it is out of the question that I send Ric some money as we live on what is called 'welfare' in the US, and there just isn't enough to make our own ends meet.

    The only wat I can help others these days is with practical advice, a helping hand (when the strength is in me), and any material objects that are still fit to donate to others.

    Meanwhile our so-called 'socialist' leader, Tony Blair, is just like your George Bush in squandering billions of our money on megalomaniac schemes of his own rather than make decent provision for his own citizens.

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  5. i'd be happy to remove, or have removed, my previous comments, derek. upon reflection, i think it's not appropriate for me to talk about what i do privately, and could very well embarrass dear ric as well. there's no need for the attention to be on me or what i think, however, my thoughts while writing the above posts were for ric

  6. done - as you wish - your wish is my command