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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Life imitates art

The tale of the painting that features in our recent Tabblo is worth re-telling.

We have been close personal friends of the celebrated artist Inge Clayton for many years now (last time we checked we also held the largest private collection of her works). We met her in 1998 and within a year or so we were posing for hr as models. And so our friendship grew through her work: we attended here exhibitions and we all met regularly for riotous, albeit decorous, social functions.

She had seen photographs of us on holidays, at functions and at other peoples' weddings. One day she phoned us clearly very excited and told us that her previous night's sleep had been disturbed by very graphic dreams of our wedding. Having re-assured her that we had no intention of marrying until my 70th birthday we passed the event off but 3 weeks later she rang again to tell us that she had painted one of her images of the wedding. Did we want to see it?

We saw it and we bought it - the idea of anyone else having such a very personal image was unthinkable. It is a large piece - perhaps half life size if not more - one of our largest - and is executed in oil on board. It hung in our London flat until we moved here in 2002 when it relocated with us (it now graces our bedroom - just behind the bath). It is an image that we have lived with for many years and one that we have looked upon daily. How strange then that it was so prescient, that she was so prescient.

Life clearly imitates art.


  1. Hate to piss on your bonfire, old chap, but xtians are able to produce more so-called 'evidence' that their god exists that you have to substantiate the claim, "Life clearly imitates art" - and they are talking a load of bunkum!

    Course, it may be that my Windows' Irony Detector is on the blink again - thanks, Bill, I know you'll have fixed that in Vista, LOL - but I just hope that you are not being serious coming out with such tosh.

    Besides which, it's surely better that I poke my tongue out at you than your new stalker pal, 'derek' (sic), since he is far less likely to be sympatico than I am.

  2. oh liam...there is some allowance of faith and romance still? it does not have to rise to faith in a supernatural being or even in a supernatural pudding, but having seen a photograph of the art in question, and viewed pics of the wedding suggests, not necessarily a chronographic syllogism, but some happy unknowable prescience.