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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I wish I'd said that ...

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Gill picked this up from Newsnight:

Jeremy has been talking to the scientist Richard Dawkins - whose new
book "The God Delusion" is set to be as controversial as his previous

Here's a taster: "I am not attacking any particular version of God or
gods. I am attacking Gods, all gods, anything and everything
supernatural, wherever and whenever they have been or will be

A quick Google found this: Dawkins speaks to Salon

My how I wish that I had said that!!


  1. derek, are you a premium member of i find that it's the one place that i get the best commentary on news...but i must confess to some a priori considerations there

    it's the home page for my browser, and enjoy most stuff on there, though some stuff is even over the top for me

    the athiest piece is a very interesting read...having recently read The End of Faith by Sam Harris, and enjoying that mostly, this is a good parallel



  2. Gods are the invention of the ignorant, needed by the mentally unstable, and a device used by those who wish to exploit both types for their own needs and purposes.