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Saturday, September 16, 2006


OK kids help me out here I know I'm not the brightest star in the heavens but this latest thing has got me all flummoxed.

So, the way I read it there's this old guy who used to be a member of the Hitler Youth but who now spends his entire life peddling superstition and dread and lecturing on those subjects makes another one of his ridiculous speeches and in this one he quotes from some other old guy who 7 centuries ago subscribed to the same superstitious nonsense as this one does. I don't know maybe 7 centuries ago believing that sort of rot was normal. Anyways this 14th century guy said something pretty unpleasant about a bunch of differently superstitious people and the new guy quoted him. Well it turns out that those differently superstitious guys are still around in a similar form (so that's two bunches of superstitious peoples in the 21st century - where is all this progress I keep reading about?)) and they suddenly get all upset and go off crying to the teacher with - "Miss, Miss he said something nasty about us! Tell him off Miss. Make him apologise!" So Miss says "I cannot make him apologise (and I wouldn't if I could because I believe he's right)" and the second bunch of differently superstitious guys start rioting!!

You are putting me on - surely? In the 21st century? After all that "progress"? We still have so many people who not only believe this tosh but actually get upset about it to the point of rioting? Perrrrr- lease! Like I said up front - I'm not Eisenstein but this is stupid.

a) If these people are allowed to believe this nonsense and talk about it openly why does another bunch of people get so upset about it?
b) what's it got to do with the rest of us who use our minds that it should get air time?
c) are we heading back into the bloody dark ages?

That's my two penn'orth

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