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Monday, July 24, 2006

Creative dysfunction ?

Since we killed Gilbert the muse has absented herself. We are running on empty in the creative tank. Is it a mourning/grieving process or something else? International affairs proffer much grist but the cynical slaughter of innocents in the middle east to a soundtrack of mealy mouthed posturing from the US and the UK saps all real impetus. Local life is good most of the time (psychotic, pathetic, paranoid women shouting at us out of windows at midnight and peering through binoculars at our eventime activities notwithstanding) and with the youngest daughter staying here the boys around the farm are in the background right now. The lavender harvest continues and Lindsey of the Lake helps out with that whenever she can lever herself out of bed. And so we rest back and recuperate our creative juices but you will, we promise, hear from us again. In the meantime if you are short of some laconic, sardonic, coruscating analysis I suggest you wander across to the Old Git's blog and check that out.

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