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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Becoming the object of ones own hatred - but not the victim

Must it not be awful to become that which you fear and despise? To hate and fear persecution and to become a persecutor to "protect" yourself? To come to the point where your propaganda "justifications" begin to sound remarkably like those spewed out by the propaganda minister for the people who once persecuted you? Having been a powerless, stateless people, persecuted by a country with the third strongest armies in the world how does one become a people with the 5th most powerful army in the world and the persecutors of a powerless, stateless people?

As it stands the state of Israel appears to be displaying all of the signs of a classical case of paranoia and the Palestinians are paying the price - along with the Lebanese. If the USA has its way then the Syrians and the Iranians could be brought into the sphere of punishment being meted out in an increasingly vicious nay heartless display of state led terrorism.

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  1. There is little, if anything, to distinguish Israel's actions towards the Palestinian and/or Lebanese citizens from that of the Nazis towards the Jews.

    And just as Britain and the US kept quiet about the Nazi atrocities trowards the Jews, now we are keeping all to quiet about the Jewish abominations towards others.

    One side effect of this conflict is that the oil price has spiked dramatically, and that will concern that ignorant religious bigot George Bush more than anything else, and may even convince him that he should tell his Jewish pals to 'cool it' a little.

    The really sad fact is that Jews can be just as murderous and anti-semitic as their former oppressors had been, and the fact that they use similar rhetoric to justify their vile atrocitities as the the Nazis is lost on them. I have even heard Jewish 'religious leaders' justifying the murder of innocent non-Jewish civilians. How fucking sad is that.

    Frankly, if I were our PM, I would do a deal with Iran for a share of their vast oil reserves, sell them the nuclear capability, and invite them to nuke fucking Israel. Once the conflagration was over, I wouold then let Palestine, Iraq and Syria take over the residue, providing that our oil treaties were honoured, otherwise I'd nuke them too.

    Mind you, none of this will never happen; our Tone is too busy performing fellatio on George Dubya (and trying to avoid going to gaol for selling peerages) to take realpolitik seriously.

    Nevertheless, Israel's responses are out of all proportion, and are genuine atrocities against humanity, yet the International Community is remarkably silent. Fucking hypocrites, all of them, with the notable exception of France - though it has to be admitted that they are probably playing a game of their own.