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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

GAG reflux - competition done

One of the reasons that it's been quiet here (maybe not the chief reason but one of them) is because I have been taking part in an online novel competition over at the Telegraph. Well it's done now. I posted the last episodes today and while I'm not over the moon about the result, it was worth doing. I stayed within all of my self set constraints and, of course, meets all of the competition requirements. It comes out at about 20,000 words and I have already started thinking about how to make it available as an e-book using Sophie. I'll let you all know when it's ready in that format but for now I'm posting a list of relevant links in the order in which episodes were posted. Be aware that there are hyperlinks out from some of these episodes - follow whichever ones take your fancy (or none at all - or all of them - it's up to you). Enjoy

Opening Gambit

Next Moves

Third Part



Balcony Xania Harbour

The Makeshift Morgue

Good and Gone

Unravelling and Ravelling



Happy Like Killers

Blood Insect

Found and Lost


Ceramic Beheading

Job Jobbed

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