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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh ... Bah ... Humbug

The inauguration today of yet another american president is not an historic moment. The world has not changed. And nor will it - in any significant way.

We are told that he is to be the first black president of the US. He is not really black. He is of mixed race and as far as I can make out had he been born in his father's country and not his mother's (and Hawaii has only been in the US for two years when he was born) he could not have even run for president let alone been elected.

We are told that he is an inclusive politician but then that's what we were told about his predecessor the idiot George W Bush.

We are told that he is a new broom in the middle east despite his pledge to back Israel all the way during his campaign. He may be but do not kid yourself that he will change anything very significantly. He is just another politician made in the mould of all politicians and as such is simply the most recent mouthpiece of the forces that actually run the systems that punish us all daily.

So go on Obama prove me wrong - change the world significantly for the better. You have 4 years. If you get 8 years it means you will have failed - nobody gets a second term unless they have proven that they aren't going to do anything to damage the systems.


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  1. Ciao Derek,

    For me the inauguration was a moving spectacle, though I voted for Cynthia McKinney (who didn't have a prayer, naturally). I think Obama's election has potent symbolic significance, but from what I've seen so far, his administration will be at best a browner shade of Clinton.

    Amazingly there are still rabid right-wingers here calling Obama a "radical Marxist". I just have to laugh! He's beholden to the rich who got him elected; add to that the Sword of Damocles - the threat of assassination - and the Elite need not worry about Obama stepping out of line.

    The remarkable thing is that he appears genuinely glad to have the job! Must be a complete nutter!