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Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm sorry - I just don't understand this

We've been living here full time for 6 years now and for ten years on and off before that and we've come to terms with a great number of cultural differences but some things still shock me.

I'm constantly explaining the very different types of relationship that older generation Greeks have with their domestic animals to the north European model that we are familiar with. Ours is an overly anthropomorphic. sentimental one whereas the prevailing model here is a more distanced, pragmatic, utilitarian one. I understand both and can fins things to praise and condemn in both positions of the spectrum. 

Notwithstanding that analytical understanding and acceptance of difference I was stunned and dismayed to find the corpse of a fully grown (obviously well nurtured) adult Dobermann dog casually discarded next to the bins at the end of our road today.

This I do not understand. 

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  1. :-( no ... I can't believe this ... Poor puppy ... Well my dear friend, the cultural differences are bigger than we all are aware I think ... I'm coping with one of them too lately. And the more I learn about it, the less I understand. What can we do ...