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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vote Obama says the Greek Orthodox Church

I saw this in the newspaper here today. The Greek Orthodox church has no qualms about taking part in politics, in the US or anywhere else, since it is regularly a part of the executive state in Greece. Mind you in Greece almost everyone involves themselves in political debate so the fact that the state church does the same does not disturb the electorate.

However the message shown is pretty stark :  

Roughly speaking the sign says: Vote for the black - the other guy is a wanker. How true! How direct! How politically incorrect!
Refreshing isn't it?


  1. LoL this sign exsist for real?? :-) How fuuuuunny :-) I am a little surprised I must admit, that greek orthodox church is for Obama. He's quite open about certain things that church doesn't necesarily agree with.
    Anyway, the sign is hilarious and yes, McCain is nothing but MALAKA :-P

    hugs to greek paradise from 'almost winter like' Ljubljana*

  2. This is a hoax that's been circulating the web for some time now. You can actually change the sign to read whatever you like. Here's the link: