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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Famous for 5 minutes? Don't quote me.

There have been a few incidents recently that have made me wonder whether I am either catching the zeitgeist a little ahead of everyone else or whether some influential people are reading my blog and not mentioning it.

Who knows? Whichever might be the case I'm content.

First up there was a Tariq Ali piece in the Guardian the day after my excoriation of Benazir Bhutto that was in a very similar tone to my own piece and even reproduced my little "poor and poorer" figure in a similar position vis a vis the text.

Today my grand old friend the Old Git sent me the following link to a an item in the Telegraph about a concerted assault on Britain's archaic blasphemy laws. Those of you who read my original piece back in early December will recognise not only the key sentiment but also some of the key argumentation.


Digital is dumber!

Here's one that isn't (as far as I can remember) addressed in any of my blogs in the past few years but one that I certainly covered a long time back. It is a topic that has been discussed for many years amongst audiophiles and is one of the main reasons that I still have my vinyl albums.  How long I wonder until someone realises that digital photography contains the same immanent dumbness?

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