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Monday, October 01, 2007

Lavender oil - made in Crete or made on Crete

OK OK I know - it's been a very long time and no amount of rancid, pathetic, self serving explanations will ever add up to anything other than a poor excuse so why not just accept my apologies (I've been so lazy about it that even I am ashamed).

And just to try and make things up to you all we've made a special mixed media entry for you. This weekend was the culmination of the farming year for us here at the Lavender Way. This weekend we made oil for the third consecutive year but this time G took a photographic record of the process and the day and I have added a few bits of tetx that I hope will help you share the experience.

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  1. It is amazing and wonderful to watch the development of the lavendar way.

  2. I'd call you a lazy old sod for neglecting your blog for so long except for the fact that I know how hard you've been working on your other affairs.

    Oh, great pics, BTW.

  3. Addendum: I like the new shades of grey background - very restful on my tired old een.