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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

First flavours

The novella is suspended for now. Having put all 3 of the protagonists together I have decided to leave them to rest for a while just as our olive oil has been standing and resting since January.

Today we broached the 2006 harvest. If only we could have shared the experience with you. The oil came out of the barrel a clear golden colour with a darkish green tinge like some rare and precious gem.

A strong aroma of olives fresh and crisp and that first drop on the tip of the finger and into the mouth. On the front of the tongue the taste of olives and nuts, almost fruity. On the back of the tongue a peppery sensation and an almost cough inducing bitterish overtaste. Complex and robust. A thing of wonder and a taste of summer's pleasures to come.

Thank you Demeter. Thank you Olea Europaea.

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