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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Absent Friends

There is an eery silence round here. Birds are chirping and a breeze is rustling though the olives but something is missing. A familiar sound is absent.

There is a visual absence too. Walking up and down the stairs that join the main house to cellar brings it home to you. A familiar visible element or two - gone. We do not see them and they do not see us.

But more importantly there is a spiritual, an existential, absence. Two spirits, bright and cheerful. Two spirits happy and friendly. Our two best friends are off on holiday. Who will come in to sit with us this evening? Who will sit beside us and lift our hearts with their unconditional love?

The girls are away at kennels. We miss them desperately but I doubt that they are missing us. They have new friends to get acquainted with. They have a new environment to familiarise themselves with. I am sure that they will enjoy their holiday. But without them this place just isn't the same.

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