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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

There's a block!

"Are you constipated Gilbert?" "Me? No, not as such. Why? I mean what makes you think that?" "Well for a start you're looking pretty rough these days but mainly because I haven't noticed you go for a dump recently." "Oh that. No! I've just been using the toilet down here. I'm finding it a bit more convenient because my back has been playing me up lately so when you go out to do the watering I take my crap."

"You're right in a way though, I am constipated creatively. A, I can't produce - and B, I'm full of crap." Abby smiled and interjected quickly "There's a block in your system Dave!" They smiled together. The first time in a while. "There is a block - indeed there is but at least we got registered without any block. Let's open a bottle of wine to celebrate."

(to be continued ... )

1 comment:

  1. It is said that the greatest block is self doubt, which is why one should act freely and spontaneously. The Surrealists were great exponents of this, and they correctly identified its roots back to ancient Chinese culture, though there were some - Dali comes to mind - who simply played mouth-music to the movements aims.

    Cerebrate less and you will create more.

    Nevertheless, it is good to see you back, applying bum to seat!

    PS. Now that you are registered, remember to vote Anarchist!